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Tong Ming Xi

Founder of GSF

With almost 2 decades of art and precision, our founder, Ming Xi has worked with numerous musicians and organisations on a global level. From Ming Xi’s early days establishing The Rin Collection with Mr. Rin Kei Mei which is currently being used by students of YST and Shanghai Conservatory of Music, to the organising of Singapore Violin Festival, a collaboration between Ming Xi and NUS YST set to raise the level of classical music education in Singapore and to nurture Singapore as a world-class hub for classical strings music in Asia; Ming Xi has a strong track record in the global music education scene.

This naturally culminated in the founding of the Global Strings Federation, where events organised such as the World Strings Day continues to see active participation from hundreds of musicians across 17 countries; as well as Masterclass Seminars taught by renowned professors to raise the level of music education and expertise amongst local teachers.

With an experienced team at the helm with decades of experience in the music scene and event management, GSF is in a strong position to organise and execute the Orchestra Festival with relevant support and sufficient funding.