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GSF Youth Orchestra Festival

Showcasing musical talents from all over the world

This event is jointly organised by the Global Strings Federation at National University of Singapore. This event will be held from 12-19 July, involving musicians from all over Asia. 

The inaugural GSF Youth Orchestra Festival creates a mutually supportive environment for musicians to learn and experience the rich culture of music. Comprising collaborative activities of professional masterclasses and sectionals, alongside immersion and local school exchanges, this festival aims to nurture musicians as future leaders of the music scene while creating the opportunity for musicians to make life-long friends. 

By bringing together orchestras at such a large scale, musicians will also be able to experience the rich culture of different countries, jointly united in this festival. There will be 3 tiers that orchestras can participate in to showcase their performance. Each tiers comprises of different repertoire requirements that encourages diversity, whereby orchestras can mutually enjoy and learn from each others’ performances. Conductors will also be able to experience conducting different orchestras groups that further bolsters exposure. 

We believe that this festival serves as an invaluable opportunity for orchestras to gain local and regional exposure, while further strengthening the closely-knitted music community. We urge all interested orchestras to register today and look forward to seeing you in Singapore July 2024!

Professional Music Education

Participants will be able to experience professional masterclasses and sectionals taught by fellow renowned participating conductors. Other activities include a showcase as well as seminar series.

Local immersion experience

Participants will have the chance to perform and interact with other musicians during the local exchange with Music Elective Program (MEP) schools. This serves as an invaluable experience to mutually learn and support one another.

Singapore cultural exposure

Participants will be able to tour around National University of Singapore, 11th ranked university in the world as well as perform at the key iconic site of Suntec City Fountain.

Grand Performance Experience

A grand closing gala concert will be held at the world-class faculty and facility of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS. Showcases will also be held for orchestra to perform and learn from one another.